You are NOT Alone

I am the Been There Done That Queen!!


With a Masters in Exercise Physiology, BS in Biology and multiple Personal Training Certifications, I know how the body works…So when the media touts some new crazy diet or miracle pill…it frustrates me.
So I UNDERSTAND all the confusion!!

I have lived in the world of deprivation dieting and over-training as a bodybuilder and fitness competitor…from yo-yo dieter to binge eater
So I UNDERSTAND Body Issues and not feeling comfortable in your own skin!!

As the owner of Fitness Patrol Personal Training Studio and 25 plus years experience in the wellness industry I know there is no one perfect diet or perfect exercise program and I saw a lot of guilt and shame around food.
So I UNDERSTAND that this journey goes deeper than calories in calories out and how many pushups you can do!!

I am a widow, a divorcee and a single mother.
So I UNDERSTAND Love, Loss and feeling overwhelmed!!

My Passion is to show you a new way of experiencing YOUR life. To bring MORE JOY and LESS STRESS to the choices we make everyday. To co-create with you a Body and Life filled with energy and vitality and a deeper sense of Love, Freedom and Connection to yourself and to those around you.

Professional Bio

Leanne brings her extensive expertise, as well as her special mix of life’s lessons, compassion and humor whether she is working one-on-one or speaking to a large audience. With a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and 25 plus years in the fitness industry both as a trainer and an athlete, Leanne knows what it’s like to be the teacher and the student. Her empowered body, empowered life philosophy brings a new conversation. Leaving behind the deprivation diets and punishing exercise, Leanne teaches you sustainable transformation by aligning how you think, eat and move with your fitness goals, vision and life intention.

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