Lessons from Shiloh…Standing Your Ground

Today, a big Golden Retriever charged at Shiloh and I was really proud at how she stood her ground.  I saw the tails wagging so wasn’t really concerned.  Shiloh stood tall and didn’t cower or run.  She inspired me to share this idea of “Standing Your Ground” and more specifically, how we stand our ground with ourselves.

I wanted to ask you…

When you make a commitment or set a goal in any arena of your life, do you stand your ground and honor it?

Are you easily swayed by the environment and what is coming at you, by other people and what they want or by your mood in the moment?

When we put that stake in the ground and make that decision or commitment to make a change, often times resistance in some form will show up.  Internal doubts and fears can cause us to stray off our path.  Situations show up and you are asked to do things that aren’t in alignment with the promises you made yourself.  This is where standing your ground and digging deep is critical to your success.

Take a weight loss goal, for example, you make a commitment to eat more healthful foods then all these invitations and opportunities show up that may put you in environments that aren’t supportive.   It can feel like temptation pops up everywhere. Has that ever happened to you?

Honoring your word to yourself, honoring your commitments and standing your ground is often times about saying “NO”.  I love the saying, “No is a complete sentence.”  Knowing what are definite “no’s” and what are definite “yes’s” on your journey to fulfilling your commitments and goals is huge.  This awareness will help you navigate all the distractions and temptations that show up and even if you step out of alignment, which is part of being human, you are able to get back on track faster.

Shiloh inspired me today as I watched her behavior and how powerfully she stood her ground.  Standing your ground with other people and having boundaries is important and that starts with having boundaries with yourself.

Today, where can you stand your ground, first and foremost with yourself?

If you can’t stand your ground with commitments to yourself, you won’t be able to do it with your commitments to other people.  It’s about integrity and it all starts with you!

There is something deeply self-loving about standing your ground… When you stand your ground you are making a statement of your value.
~Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D.~

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