Lessons from Shiloh…Peace of Mind

Today, I would say this is more of a “Lesson from Leanne.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of what brings me peace of mind.  What contributes to it and what detracts from it, in my life?

I want to be real and raw with you and share that I have someone in my life that has been addicted to drugs for a long time.  It’s been super challenging and this week I’ve gone inward to ask myself some hard questions.

I have allowed this person to take up a lot of my time, my energy and basically shatter my boundaries.  Which has detracted from my peace of mind in a big way.

In this introspection, I have asked,
“What is my responsibility?”
”What have I allowed?”
“What have I enabled?”
“What personal space and boundaries have I allowed to be violated?”
“Where have I not stood up for myself?”

It’s been an interesting inner journey for me and I wanted to ask you…

“Is there someone in your life that you feel this way about or that has detracted from your peace of mind?”

“Someone who is not honoring you, honoring your boundaries and honoring your needs and what you have asked of them?”

I have also asked this of myself, what boundaries am I shattering, what promises have I made to myself that I’m not following through on, where am I not keeping my word to myself.  This has been an interesting introspection too.

I think at some point we all have done it, been in those moments of…Yeah I’m going to do this, I’m going to follow through.  I’m going to eat more healthfully, go to sleep at a reasonable hour, etc…whether it’s self-care, relationships or career, we have made the big promises and intentions, then for some reason we didn’t follow through.

Nothing erodes your confidence and peace of mind, like not keeping your word to yourself and how can we expect others to honor us, when we are not honoring ourselves!!

This is a big conversation and sometimes, it is time, to step away from people and situations that don’t serve you or bring you joy.  Also, it’s an inner realization of how do I contribute, and take responsibility for my side of the street.

I know RESPONSIBILITY can be a scary word…but try it on, I am!!  I know in my heart of hearts, that is where Strength, Freedom and Peace of Mind live!!

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. 

~Brian Tracy

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