Lessons from Shiloh…Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Shiloh likes to play pickle with me with her tennis balls.   As I try to pick up one ball with the chucker, she will run ahead and grab it.  As I walk towards the other, she will drop the one in her mouth and run ahead to get the other.  It’s a funny game of keep away.  She got me thinking about choice today.

I wanted to ask you…

“How do you choose?”

What you eat, what you do, how you spend your time, relationships choice, career choices, etc.

Multiple choices need to be made, not only on a daily basis, but moment to moment.  It can feel like a lot of pressure and feel overwhelming or you can look at it as lots of opportunity.

In this opportunity, there can be some confusion.  Often the best choice for us may be unclear.  Society, family or peer pressure may be pushing you one way and staying true to what you want may be a challenge.

The biggest question is, “What do you really want?”  When I ask people that, it is sometimes hard to answer.  You may be happy with a couple different choices or again, are not really sure.  That’s ok and perfectly normal.  What you wanted yesterday, may not be what you want today.  What you wanted in your twenties, may not be what you want in your fifties.  We shift, we learn and we grow so our choices need to reflect that.

The first step is aligning your choices with your true self.  Check in with your body, take breath and ask, “will this choice bring me closer to my goals and vision for myself or is it out of integrity?”  Bottom line is that the choices you make will either move you towards what you want or move you away.  Being clear on your boundaries with others and especially yourself is most important.

Something as simple as the time you choose to go to sleep can have a huge impact on your choices for the next day.  How you feel is the baseline for everything else and without that you won’t be able to go out and be vibrant, productive and on purpose.

The fundamental choices you make for your health, self-care and energy management is truly the foundation.  Think about what choices will help you cultivate abundant health and energy. I mention sleep because it is so important and also the foods we choose and how much water we choose to drink.

I know this seems like common sense, but check in, see how you feel when you only get six hours of sleep, instead of eight.  See how you feel after a meal high in sugar as opposed to a more balanced meal.  Notice how much water you drink and if that makes a difference in energy levels

Without considering these basic fundamentals it would be hard to be creatively expressed and charge into your day in a positive way.  When you feel blah, low energy or sick, the other choices in your life will be limited.

Think about your baseline and what choices will build your strong foundation.  From there more clarity will come with the bigger choices in your life.

“Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are.”

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