Lessons from Shiloh… Protecting Your Time

Today, while watching Shiloh run and jump and play, this idea of protecting our time came to mind. Especially protecting the time that brings us joy. I call it sacred time!

It’s so important in our world of, “have to do’s”, “I should do” and busyness to carve out time everyday and protect that time for you. Protecting that time for your family, for your children, and for whatever brings you and the people around you the most joy.

This is often the simplest things, playing with your pets, going for a walk, painting, coloring, my daughter and I especially love to color and share our day. It’s those simple but meaningful moments that need our attention and protection.

Some people call it block time. Whatever your word, if blocking the time and scheduling it works best for you, then do that for sure everyday.

I find that when I honor and protect that time as sacred, and do the things that bring me a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy, my whole day changes. All the things that can feel hard, pushed or rushed become easier to handle.

What time in your day needs to be protected and held sacred?

Have you been listening to what brings you joy?

Is it self-care, something creative, or being playful and silly?

Ask yourself these questions, today and everyday. The days I feel rushed and don’t want to bring Shiloh to the park, I’m reminded of the joy it brings us both and how important it is to protect that time and hold it sacred.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


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