Lessons from Shiloh… Fundamentals

By November 17, 2016Fundamentals, Intentions

Today as I was watching Shiloh, this idea of fundamentals came to mind.  She is happy with some time at the park, yummy food and some sleep time on my bed.  Sounds good right!  Then why as humans do we make it so complicated?

What are your fundamentals?  Do you know?

Knowing what makes you tick, makes you happy and what sets your day up to be more productive is the baseline and understanding that it’s in your control to create it, is the most powerful lesson.

When I speak about this subject I love to bring up the story of John Wooden, UCLA basketball coach.  He was all about values, character and the fundamentals.  What I love most about his story is the first thing he taught his players.  He taught them how to put their socks on.  Don’t you love that!  How funny must that have been seeing all these big guys in the gym getting a sock lesson.

Wooden knew that if they didn’t get this right and the sock had a wrinkle, it could lead to a blister, which could lead to lost playing time.  Talk about a fundamental!

What are your socks?  More importantly, what are your wrinkles?

Think of the socks as your fundamentals and the wrinkles as your reaction when you are off your game.  The wrinkles can slow you down and create frustration and overwhelm.

For me a sock is being on time for my commitments and a wrinkle is running late.  I hate being late.  I get anxious and I feel that it is disrespectful, so being on time is important for me.  I know that sometimes no matter how much I plan, being late may happen but for the most part I set my day up to be conscious of time.

Another sock for me is fueling my body consistently and a wrinkle is letting myself get too hungry.  When my blood sugar drops, I get the food crabbies and don’t feel well.  I find this is true for a lot of my clients.  Another issue with this is when you do finally get to a meal, overeating and making unsupportive choices can happen, causing even more wrinkles.  When I get over hungry, I’m usually not reaching for the broccoli.  🙂

The fundamentals can be so basic that we take them for granted and neglecting them can send us down a spiral in the wrong direction.  Ask yourself, what wrinkles may come up for me and how do I stay ahead of them.  Planning your meals, planning your sleep, being intentional with your time, being in gratitude, leading with kindness are all simple yet powerful fundamentals that affect how you feel and how you show up everyday.

An example of how I have seen the fundamentals minimized is when I had my fitness studio and consulted with a new client about their goals. I would hear things like, “should I do a juice fast” or “should I train for a marathon” and alike.  When I would ask about the fundamentals… how much water are you drinking or how much sleep are you getting, etc.  I would often get the roll of the eyes like that is too basic and they already knew they needed to get better at those things. Then I would explain that we can’t plan out the big goals until the fundamentals are in place.  Otherwise it’s a house built on sand.

Today is a new day, a day to straighten out those socks and smooth out the wrinkles so you can be happier, more productive, make more money, be more intentional, have deeper connected relationships and a greater sense of well-being and health.  Don’t take those fundamentals for granted and remember within your wrinkles are the greatest lessons.

It’s the little details that are vital.
Little things make the big things happen.
~John Wooden~

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