Lessons from Shiloh… Delay = Doubt

Usually I just have to make the motion of throwing a ball and Shiloh is running ahead of me.  Today, she was pausing, looking at me and wasn’t sure what direction to run.  She got me thinking about this idea that Delay equals Doubt.  The more she was delaying, the more doubt she had on which direction to run.

Isn’t that the same with us?

When we delay or put things off, often times a lot of doubt creeps in.  We are not sure which direction to go, what to do, or we overthink it.  I find that if we get into motion, stop the delay, get in momentum, and get into some type of action, that’s where the motivation lives.  More action creates more motivation and the doubts start to release.

Even if it proves to not be the right action for a particular target or goal, it’s easier to make the U-turns when we are in momentum and learning and growing.

Can you relate?
If so, what is that for you?
Are you delaying something in your life…a project, something creative or a health and fitness goal?

Recognizing that the more you delay, the more doubt will show up.  The “am I doing the right things?” and “are these the right steps?” internal questions, can hold us back and keep us stuck.  We can’t think our way into it, we need to get moving and worry less if it’s the right step and just take a step.

I find that often people think it has to start off as some big thing…they have to read a hundred books and stand on their heads, etc., when it can start by changing one small thing.   That action, promotes more action, and the doubt can be replaced with clarity.  With more clarity comes a sense of being empowered to create the actions needed to live the life you truly want.

That’s Shiloh’s and my message today…

In the delay lives the doubt and in the delay and doubt lives the fear, the fear of moving forward and the fear of being wrong.  Remember, it’s not about the right steps, it’s about taking a step, then another and adjusting what needs to be adjusted along the way.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.~

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