Lessons from Shiloh…Indecision

For some reason, today at the park, I was doing most of the ball chasing.  Every time I threw the ball, Shiloh would look at me, then at the ball, then back at me as I yelled, “GO GET THE BALL!!”  But no, she couldn’t seem to make a decision.

She got me thinking about how I feel in that space sometimes.  I’m thinking about doing something or procrastinating, feel a lack of clarity or not enough motivation.  Whatever the case, it leads to delay in making a decision.

“Do you feel that happens to you, where you are putting things off or can’t seem to make a decision?”  Whether it’s a decision in your business, in your relationships or with your health, “When do you have a hard time making a decision?”

Recently, I saw an interview with Steven Pressfield on Super Soul Sunday, with Oprah.  He is a great guy and amazing author.  He wrote, “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, which became a movie.  He also wrote two of my favorite books, “the War of Art” and “Turning Pro”.   He talks about being creative and how resistance always shows up when we are about to evolve.  He said something to the effect that, when the pain of not doing something becomes greater that’s when you will finally take action and make a decision.

I want to ask you…

“When is the pain of not doing something so strong that you just finally do it?”  Then when you actually “just do it” (we’ve heard that one before) you wonder why did I wait so long, it’s done, it’s behind me and it wasn’t that big of deal.  It’s such a great feeling.

If you have been putting off a decision, make today the day.  Motivation comes when you’re in momentum, when you’re in action, when you’re making decisions.  Even if it ends up being the wrong decision or you change your mind…so what!  You’re moving forward, learning what you don’t want to do or what isn’t going to work is as an important part of the process as discovering what you do want.

It’s so true what Steven Pressfield said, that when the pain of not making a decision gets so great and I’ve lived it and I think most of us have at some point.  Even something small like cleaning the house or organizing the garage, and other silly stuff, get out of the indecision and procrastination.  You will feel so great and the decision-making and action will breed more.

When we are thinking about and theorizing what we want to do, but don’t take action, it can actually create a low-level stress or anxiety.  We must get it out of our head and move out of our comfort zone to shift any area of our lives.

Indecision, not so good, making a decision, much better and not being attached to the outcome is the ultimate.

“Put your ass where your heart wants to be…
where the body goes, the spirit follows.”
~Steven Pressfield~

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