Lessons from Shiloh…Breaking the Rules

By January 21, 2016Intention, Rules

A conversation a few months ago…

Me – “Honey, let’s keep Shiloh off the new sofa.”

My daughter – “Yeah, right mom,” said with rolling eyes.

Well, it only took a few days for that rule to be broken.

I thought about that conversation today, with a giggle, as I had to call Shiloh off the sofa to go to the park.

So I wanted to ask you…

Are there any rules that you need to break?  Any habits, judgments or “foolish consistencies”, as Emerson says in one of my favorite quotes, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” that need to be shifted.  Sometimes we have these unspoken rules, when it comes to how we think and what we do, that need to be broken.

I see this especially when it comes to ideas around food, diet and how we fuel our bodies.  There is so much judgment and so many rules.

The biggest judgment I see is when we label food, “good” or “bad”.  I hear it all the time and can’t go out to lunch with friends without someone saying, I’m going to be bad and have dessert or this is so bad for me or I’m so bad for eating these, as they are munching on French fries.  When we make those kinds of judgments and use those kinds of words we create an internal environment of “bad”.

So, I challenge you to shift your language, especially around food and your body.  I don’t think there is good food or bad food.  When I say that people look at me a little confused.  Those are just labels and what is good, to me, might be bad to you and visa versa.  If we call a food “bad” and we eat it, then in our minds, we are “bad”.  

Now, clearly there are foods that support health more than others, so shifting the conversation to, “what is going to serve me at my highest right now, what’s going to give me the goals I want and the optimal energy, so I can go out and do what I want to do and be who I want to be.”  That’s a very different intention.

If you choose to eat something that you would normally label as “bad”, shifting your thoughts to the higher vibration of love will shift how the food is metabolized in the body.  I bless the food before it enters my body by saying something like; “I bless this food and everyone and everything it took to get it to my plate.  May all the impurities wash away and all the vital nutrients be used to increase my life force and support my body, mind and soul to the highest degree.”  This slowing down, setting an intention and listening to my body allows me to eat what I need and I tend not to overeat.

Now, what other areas of your life can you use this example and shift your language, habits and judgments, so they are more in line with who you are and how you want to live?

Be a “Rule Breaker” TODAY!!!

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