Lessons from Shiloh… You Got This!

Today, when we were throwing balls, one rolled under a shrub.  She was going crazy trying to get to it, using her paw, stretching under it doing everything to get to it.  I was secretly rooting for her and thinking, You Got This…You can do it!  After a few tries, she did get it and ran happily back to me.

It got me thinking about the times when I would procrastinate or put things off because the idea of the learning curve seemed so daunting.

A while back, I bought a DVD player that converted VHS tapes to DVDs.  Up late, one night, watching QVC and thought, “that’s cool!” I have a bunch of tapes that need to be converted.  So off I went and I have to tell you that box sat in the garage for about a month before I opened it.  I would walk past it and would look at, but I knew that once I opened it, I would have to set it up, read the manual, figure it all out and boy did that feel overwhelming. The funny thing is that once I just did it, it wasn’t a big deal.

So what is that for you?

Is there something you have been putting off, been curious about or need more information about, that you have been procrastinating or putting off.  I think the procrastination can be more stressful than carving out the time to do it.

I was lucky enough to see a taping of Oprah’s, “Super Soul Sessions” last weekend and she had ten amazing speakers, which were all awesome.  One speaker was Marie Forleo, who I just love and the title of her talk was, “Everything is Figureoutable.”  She shared these stories about her mom and how she would come home from school and her mom was literally fixing the roof or tiling the bathroom and doing all these things on her own.  She instilled in Marie that you can do whatever you put your mind to and most things aren’t as complicated as we make it in our heads.

I thought of Marie’s talk today (thank you Marie), when watching Shiloh figure out how to get the ball from under the shrub and the sense of joy I saw in her eyes as she trotted back to me with ball in mouth.

When we let the procrastination, overwhelm or fear of the unknown hold us back, it dampens our joy and can leave us uninspired.  The stress of not doing something is often times worse than just doing it.

What can you handle today?…Do It TODAY!!  What have you been putting off?  It’s time to say to yourself…”I GOT THIS!!”   It’s not a big deal, I’m making it bigger in my head.  I’m going to figure this out.

Today’s the day to go deeper, carve out the time.  Explore and open up your mind and heart to new curiosities.  The benefits far outweigh all the worry and self imposed anxiety of staying stuck, keeping your head in the sand, and playing small.

Also, don’t feel like you have to do it alone.  We all need cheerleaders and a “village”.  Get the support you need, a coach, mentor or accountability partner, will increase your progress ten fold.

Whether we are conquering the big things or finally opening up the box and reading the manual…

Everything is Figureoutable!
Ask for the Support you need!
You Got This!
Today’s the day!
You can do it!

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