Lessons from Shiloh… Service

I was feeling a bit blah today and wasn’t up for taking Shiloh to the park.  She was hanging by the door with sad eyes, then was dropping her ball in my lap, so finally I was like, Uggggg, let’s go and I’m so glad I did… It totally shifted my state!

So I wanted to ask you…

Have you ever been in a grumpy, blah or frustrated mood and the minute you step out of yourself and be of service to someone else, you felt a shift?

That’s exactly what happened to me today.  Shiloh was being of service to me by nudging me with her “take me out mom” eyes and I was being of service to her by taking her to throw balls and do what I know she loves to do.

It’s a game changer to be of service in anyway that shows up for you.  Whether it’s in the little everyday ways that we can help someone or in the big ways of getting involved with charities or in the community, serving in an open hearted and selfless way, will shift the energy of everyone involved.

I think the little everyday ways that we can help each other and be of service is so needed in this world of busyness.  Reaching out to a friend who is having a hard time or helping someone to the car with their groceries.  It can be the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference in someone’s day.  Being aware of what is going on around you and seeing opportunities to be of service allows us to get out of our own stuff and contribute in a bigger way.

When we get a chance to reach out to someone or someone connects with us, it can shift our state or mood and also shifts our metabolism.  Being of service is a metabolic enhancer!!  When we want to increase our energy and metabolism we often only look at food and exercise.  Just as important, if not more, are our levels of joy, gratitude and contribution.

My challenge today is for you to find a way to serve.  If you want to go out and do the big things in the community that is great or do it in a more personal way, with a loved one or stranger, it all matters and it is all service and it all makes a difference.

Shiloh reminded me of this today when she gave me that little nudge and we both turned our blah moods into happier ones.

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