Lesson From Shiloh: Self Care

Today…Shiloh was running crazy chasing her balls, and then all of a sudden she plopped down.

She got me thinking and I wanted to ask you…Do you ever just plop down?

Do you listen to your body and rest when it is telling you to rest?

Are you aware and do you honor what your body is telling you in the moment?

Our bodies are a great communicator and when you listen and truly honor what it is telling you in the moment, that is the greatest level of self-care and will serve you at your highest.  This goes for when you need rest and also when you need nourishment.

Do you eat when you’re hungry or do you sometimes eat emotionally?  Are you not listening and waiting to long to eat, so the hunger takes over and you overeat, even when the body is saying stop?

We push and push and are sometimes in a busyness addiction.  People in our lives can also be pushing us, but only you can truly know how you feel and it is critical to listen to your own inner wisdom,!!  I often say, “NO” is a complete sentence.

Rest and nourishment are biological needs.  It’s a recharge, restoration and re-creation.  If you listen and honor what your body is telling you… you will feel empowered in your body and empowered in your life!!

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  • Kathleen Peterson says:

    Love this! Maybe I’ll plop down later this afternoon. Once I get two or three more things done, of course!

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