Lessons from Shiloh…Reaction

By October 15, 2015Intention, Reaction

Today as I was leaving the house with Shiloh, I decided to go a different way to the park.  I wanted to see how she would handle the switch.  She started pulling me the way she knows and when I stopped her and gave her a little tug in the new direction, she only paused a moment then followed, no resistance.  

It got me thinking about reaction…are we sometimes resistant or just react in the same way when we are in a particular situation.

I wanted to ask you…

Do you have certain triggers or reactions or things that happen that cause irritation, frustration, anger or just take you off your game?  What is that for you?

Knowing that answer is so important so you can become aware and create a different reaction or set a different intention as you go about your day.

I know some people that are triggered by just getting in their car.  Allowing a bad mood to creep in as they predict it is going to be a negative experience.

My challenge today is for you to think about what causes a less desirable reaction, or puts you in a state you don’t want to be in and how you can shimmy out of it faster.

Thinking about this today, reminded me of a great Rumi quote…If you’re irritated by every rub, you’ll never be polished.

If something in your environment creates a negative reaction in you, than you need to take a look at yourself and say, “how can I change that, how can I act differently, how can I go into that situation with a different intention so that when these emotions come up I can recognize it, be aware of it and shift out of it.”

For me sometimes it’s a little giggle and I think, “here I go again, I’m getting irritated, what’s that all about?!”

Think about this and decide for yourself what would be a good strategy, coping skill or queue that you could use to shift faster.

It’s not like we are never going to get triggered!!  We can’t control what is happening in our environment, we can only control our reaction to it.  So we have the POWER…It’s so cool!!

You can shift at anytime so why stay in that state then let it multiply and take you down into a bad mood or bad day.  Recognize it, shift it, have a giggle, take a deep breath and move on.   That’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Remember not to be reaction but be in intention and set your day up for success!!

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