Lesson From Shiloh: Joy

I just mention the word “ball” and Shiloh is running for the door jumping up and down…so happy, so joyful!

So I want to ask you…What is your ball?  What brings you joy and can change your state in an instant?  Is it something or someone?

For me I think it is fun to create it and choose it for yourself…especially in those moments that you are feeling irritated or frustrated with your current circumstance.  We truly have the power to shift into a more happy and joyful state moment to moment.

One way that works for me is thinking about all that I’m grateful for.  Gratitude is a game changer and can shift you into a state of more joyfulness.  Also focusing on your breathing as you shift your thoughts on gratitude will help to bring you to a more calm and centered state.

So my challenge for you today is to find the joy, find the happiness…try not to be in reaction to your environment, surroundings and circumstances.  

Move away from negativity and knee jerk reactions that can domino your attitude the wrong way.  Once negative feelings start to stack it can take longer to reverse.  

So as soon as you start to feel triggered by something, notice that feeling and do whatever works for you to shift into a more joyful state…along with deep breathing and gratitude, sometimes it can be just a little giggle.  

The choice is yours to make…empower yourself to live a joyful and abundant life!!

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