Lessons from Shiloh… Flow

By March 24, 2016Flow, Gratitude, Joy

When we were throwing balls today, I noticed that Shiloh was in such a great flow and rhythm.  She looked like she was floating on the wind.

I wanted to ask you…

“Do you feel there is a good flow in your life, a good rhythm?”  Or like I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “do you feel in a state of frazzle and overwhelm?”

I’ve been in these conversations a lot lately with clients and friends, this feeling of overwhelm, being pulled in too many directions and this overall feeling of too much to do and not enough time to do it.

When I was watching Shiloh, this idea of flow came up for me, and how can we be in more flow, more balance, and more rhythm.  How can we approach our day with more ease and grace?  It all starts with you and how you perceive your reality.

When something makes us happy, it’s not actually the thing; it’s your perception of it.  What makes me happy and you happy may be different, so we can experience the same event and have different emotions around it.

When we understand that, we can choose a different reality for ourselves, one that puts us more in flow and removes the resistance and negativity.

Take the everyday little stuff we have to do, like cleaning dirty dishes.  For me, those times I look at the sink and think, UGGG, I have to do the dishes, I find that shifting to a state of gratitude changes the whole experience.  I shift the internal dialogue from, “I have to do the dishes” to “I get to do the dishes” and how lucky am I.  I’m grateful that I have dishes that I get to wash, I’m grateful I have a sink to wash dishes, I’m grateful that I have a house, that has a sink, that has dirty dishes to wash.

You can be grateful and be in the moment and what can seem like a menial thing can bring joy and a sense of flow.  This is a simple example and a simple shift that can have a huge impact in how you approach life.

Getting into a greater state of flow and a greater sense of enjoyment around our life is a choice.  We can look at the activities of our day with a sense of dread or overwhelm or approach them with a sense of gratitude and joy.

Daniel Goleman, writes about this in his book, Emotional Intelligence, that flow is when people become utterly absorbed in what they are doing…their awareness merged with their actions.

When you’re in action, motivation grows.  Often, we may start with a little motivation, but through movement and action your motivation will grow, which grows your happiness and flow because you are doing something that you are aligned with and that fits with your intentions and who you

Ask yourself…

“How can my life be more graceful and more in flow. “

“What thoughts need to shift and what actions need to be taken today, so I can release the resistance and overwhelm.”

These are big important questions and just asking yourself these everyday, will bring the awareness and will bring the answers you need to live your life in more FLOW!

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