Lessons from Shiloh… Everything is a Lesson

I share the lessons that Shiloh teaches and inspires me to talk about each week. It came to me today…Everything is a Lesson! The good and the bad have a message for us.

There so many things that occur everyday that can give us the opportunity to learn and to grow. Instead of looking at these things like, this is so hard, why don’t things work out for me or why am I failing at this.

Ask yourself, “What is the lesson here?”

If you set a goal and you fail to reach it, look at the lesson in that. Was it the right goal and something you really wanted for yourself anyway. Did you underestimate the commitment or not follow through on what you said you would do. If not, then take an honest look and see the lesson in that. Maybe it’s a lesson in structuring your day differently and not allowing yourself to be distracted from your target. Maybe, being more accountable to the small steps or micro goals, will keep you on track.

This is also true for your relationships. Whether it’s with a spouse, friend or family member, if you’re feeling, taken for granted or underappreciated, the lesson here is to go within and ask yourself, “Am I showing up that way for them?” Are you showing up in love and appreciation, because we are all just mirrors for each other. That can be a tough lesson, but everything starts with YOU.

Your body and your health offers many lessons, if you just listen to what it is trying to tell you. A client recently told me that he was feeling indigestion and heaviness after he ate. So we discussed what he was eating, but more importantly how fast he was eating. He admitted that he was a very fast eater, ate in car frequently and rarely ever sat down. I explained that he wasn’t honoring mealtime and that eating too quickly is a stressor on the body. His body was teaching him the lesson that eating quickly wasn’t working.

A new way to look at this is that the eating too quickly is the aliment and the indigestion is the cure. The body responding with pain and heaviness is a lesson to tell you to slow down. Just adding a few more minutes, taking a deep breath between bites and sitting down to honor mealtime helped my client eliminate indigestion and helped him to feel less heavy and more energized after a meal.

These are a few examples and everyday offers us the opportunity to be the teacher and the student in Earth School. You have the choice to be bogged down and frustrated with your day or to see the lessons, change your perceptions, and make the shifts to stay on target. Remember you are the CURE!!

If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.

~ Pema Chodron ~

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