Lessons from Shiloh… Accumulation

I always bring two balls to the park with us, because she won’t release one without seeing another to chase.  It’s this funny game we play and today she was actually trying to get both balls in her mouth.  She had me giggling and got me thinking about accumulation and when is enough, enough.

When do we have enough stuff…when do we do enough stuff…when do we stop with the stuff?

Everyday, we are led to believe that more stuff is going to make us happy.  More material possessions, more food, more alcohol, more addictions and more “likes” on social media, feed this idea that we must feel good all the time and if we don’t something is wrong with us.  The real truth is that all the excesses just keep us and numb us from feeling at all.

So I wanted to ask you…

What is that for you…is there something you are reaching for that is a substitution for something deeper that you really want?  Are you trying to fill a void in an unproductive way?  Are you seeking validation from external things?

I live in southern California and there is a lot of accumulation and this idea of the bigger better deal.  I hear people talking about what they have or what they just bought and in the next breath talking about the next thing.  It’s ok to strive and work towards getting more things, most of us have done it, but my question is when is it enough and at what point is just being grateful for what we have, enough.

I heard Wayne Dyer say at one of his lectures, “When your cup is full, stop pouring.”

When do we stop pouring, and start recirculating?  I have done this is in my life lately.  There have been times that I was on the accumulation track, too many shoes, clothes, handbags, sunglasses, just too much stuff!

Now I’m releasing, recirculating, giving things away, donating, and doing some consignment.  Moving on from things that I don’t need or want anymore and allowing someone else to enjoy it is a great feeling and energetically opens the door for something deeper to come in.

That’s my challenge today, think about what this is for you, is there a deeper reason for accumulation or for going to excess with food, alcohol, drugs or something that you know is not serving or supporting you.  

Today’s the day to dig deep and ask yourself the tough questions.  “What do you really want?”  I find that answer is less about the stuff and more about the feeling you’re seeking…love, appreciation, acceptance, forgiveness, support, etc.  

Starting with gratitude for what you have and where you are right NOW, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Being grateful for your past, all the good and bad, all the wins and all the mistakes because they have been lessons that have brought you here.  Also, releasing the accumulation of the negative feelings that prevent you from moving forward is a huge step in getting what you really want and in opening your heart.

The key to life is not accumulation.  It is contribution.

– Stephen Covey

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