Lesson From Shiloh: Focus

How easy is it for you to stay focused on what you say you are committed to, what you’re doing and what your goals are?

Do you let distractions get in the way of what you really want?

Today, Shiloh’s ball chasing got me thinking about what it means to be committed and what it means to be a completer.

Are you letting the little things rent space in your brain??  Putting off the simple things can be mentally draining and holding you back from engaging with the more important things in your life.

Getting the little things done will open the space for the big things.

Two of my favorite sayings are… How you do the little things is how you do the big things and How you do anything is how you do everything?

When I find myself procrastinating or being unfocused and distracted from what I really want,  I think about those sayings and it gets me moving to get things handled so I can focus on what really matters.

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