Faces Of The New Feminine Leadership

Faces of The New Feminine Leadership brings together 8 women spanning 5 decades – from their mid 20’s to late 60’s – revealing stories of tragedy to triumph. Sharing their challenges, courage and commitment to face and overcome their fears, they each learn to trust themselves to live more fully and become as big as they dream in their hearts.

This book is for every woman who knows your life is about something more and bigger than day-to-day struggles and challenges. It’s the moments when a woman chooses how to deal with her circumstances, and looks within to face herself and grow. She learns to love and accept herself in the process, and from there, she makes a greater impact on others. The women in this book are here to change the world and willing to do the inner work while being grounded in practical spirituality and solid business strategy.

They are not perfect; they are in process. These women are you: learning to trust yourself, speak your truth, share your story and lead with love. One story at a time, one woman at a time, we can all create change in the world with a passion, purpose and leadership that only a woman can express.

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